Secure Virtual Patient model sharing

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Virtual clinical trials, also known as in silico clinical trials, offer a promising solution for the development and regulatory evaluation of medical devices, saving time and costs.

A fresh start-up approached the design team to help them with ideation for a possible solution to securely share virtual patient models with their clients as part of their offering.

IP protection and traceability were key elements during the solution ideation process due to the nature of this cutting-edge technology.


Start-up in the clinical trial field


United Kindgdom


2 months


Service & UX Designer

First approach

We facilitated a workshop to establish the groundwork for the project. Initially, we discussed the general context of the project, plans, and funding availability to gain perspective on the short and long-term goals of the intended solution.

Keeping in mind these considerations, we proceeded to map out an MVP solution blueprint. We guided the client in defining the intended process, from customer discovery of the virtual patient offering to the sale, secure virtual patient sharing, and usage until the end of the contract.

This first approach servedas the foundation for visualizing a digital platform solution that meets the requirements.



Over the course of three weeks, our collaboration with the client involved regular and structured meetings to ensure continuous progress. Through these periodic engagements, we actively co-created and refined the platform wireframes and blueprints.

The iterative process allowed us to incorporate valuable feedback from the client, enabling us to define the MVP version of the platform. By carefully considering the client’s input and aligning it with their vision, we were able to create a solution that met their immediate needs while laying a solid foundation for platform evolution.

These iterative discussions not only focused on the present but also looked toward the future, as a result, we generated additional visual materials to support the storytelling of the solution to potential investors for future versions.