Claro Invoice



Claro is one of the three principal companies in the Argentinian telecommunication market, traditionally well-positioned in the mobile communication market. In the lasts years, it has grown in the market with new services, the Internet and TV. 

Additionally, the company is in the middle of the digital transformation process and applying paperless strategy in their businesses


Rethink the invoice for four services to be consumed through digital devices.


A simplified version of the invoice for the different businesses.   

It reduced by 50%  the documents generated without modifying the process og generation.   


Claro AMX


Argentina – Uruguay –  Paraguay



My Role

UX/UI Designer


Interviews, Wireframing , Prototyping.


Adobe illustrator

Design principles

  • Be able to show all services combined in one invoice with the particularities of each one.
  • Eliminate the print back of the page in which were placed extra information for the client.
  • Think the visual to be consumed in digital devices.

Previous invoice

Using a logic of ‘boxes’, one for each phone, the service monthly charges are placed inside and identified with the line number as a title. The boxes appeared at a maximum of two per page. In the back (the next page in the PDF file) extra information was placed.


Waste of space 

generated by a boxes-format, with blank parts below them.

Reading confusion 

since the services were not identified by the name but instead with a line number

No fluid reading 

due the front and back of the invoice were interleaved with the repetead information.


The solution is totally on the graphic level with a new structure information design, without having a negative impact on the processes to generate the document.

Format 01

One-page invoice for accounts with only one mobile line.

Format 02

Two-page invoices for all of the other types of service combinations.


50% of Cost-saving

The reduction to the half of pages compared to the previous design considerably the cost of production.


The time of the process was not affected and the time of quality control was optimized.

Enhanced experience

Information and spaces optimized with the fundamental data categorized and placed according to the way to read the invoice, especially on mobile.