Culture transformation by Design

Context Digital technologies have definitely modified the economy. In an interconnected world, markets change quickly, with new competitors and fluctuating customer needs. Traditional companies have started digital servitization in this scenario to enhance customer satisfaction. This process implies organizational and infrastructure changes but, most important, a cultural shift. Client Caro AMX Country Argentina Duration 5 […]

Market-shaping solutions for Myopia

Summary Myopia is a growing eye health condition that affects children and young adults mainly, especially in the APAC region. Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a refractive error that can progress considerably, leading to blindness. Some of the risk factors are genetic, such as ethnicity, and behavioral, such as excessive near work or insufficient […]

Secure Virtual Patient model sharing

Summary Virtual clinical trials, also known as in silico clinical trials, offer a promising solution for the development and regulatory evaluation of medical devices, saving time and costs. A fresh start-up approached the design team to help them with ideation for a possible solution to securely share virtual patient models with their clients as part […]

Seamless Interoperability Solution

Summary In an interconnected world, a medical device company is looking to stay competitive in the market by offering an interoperability solution to its clients.  The solution eases communication between devices and healthcare facility systems by integrating them, rather than using a custom solution for each device. Thus, healthcare providers are able to make decisions […]